How much does a website cost

When new clients contact me about creating a website – one of the first bits of information I need to know is the budget. Not gonna lie to you. It took me years to figure out how to sneak this question into a conversation.

Pricing a website isn’t easy. The truth is – I often compare building a website to building a house. Every house needs to have a foundation, walls and a roof.  The choices you make in flooring, cabinets, decking materials, etc. all impact the final number. Your website is going to change in price depending on what’s required to build it.

There are lots of things that influence the cost of a website. Here’s a list of 10 of them:

  1. Is your website a brochure for your business or are you selling products online?
  2. How many web forms do you need?
  3. Is your copy written or do you need a copywriter?
  4. How many pages will the final website have?
  5. Do you have the photos you need for the website?
  6. Do you need multi-language support?
  7. Will your visitors need to login to your website for any reason?
  8. Do you need 3rd party applications integrated?
  9. Does your website need to ‘do’ something custom?
  10. Do you need an SEO strategy?

Listen, I get it.  This might be the first time you’ve considered having a website created and you’re looking for a little guidance to understand how much you need to spend. If you’re that person, the following general tips should help you out.

I have up to $10,000 to spend

This is a typical price range the average business can expect to invest with us for their website. Websites in this price range will have some or all of the following attributes:

  • mobile friendly (responsive)
  • uniquely and creatively designed just for you (not a purchased theme)
  • have some unique graphic elements
  • provide a little interactivity
  • have a site search, a blog & more.

Are there compromises you’ll make at this price point? You’ll likely not be selling products online.

I have up to $20,000 to spend

E-commerce websites, membership websites and bilingual websites fall into this price range.

Are there compromises you’ll make at this price point? Custom application development is outside this budget.

I have up to $30,000 to spend

When you have a budget in this range, we work with you to develop a well-rounded strategy that will take your business to the next level. This will include crafting your website, but it will also include some or all of the following initiatives:

  • User Experience Strategy
  • Information Architecture and Wireframes
  • SEO Strategy
  • Online Marketing Strategy
  • Custom Photography
  • Copywriting

Of course, you’re going to see a vast range in what different agencies and freelancers will charge you to create a website. Some of the factors that influence how designers price a project include expectations, experience, and overhead.

Are there other costs to consider?

Yes. Here are some.

Your Domain

This will run you about $10 – $60/year. GoDaddy is a great place to find yourself the domain of your dreams.

Your Hosting

It varies from $25 – $200/month. My average client pays about $30 – $40/month. I like Flywheel and Siteground. E-commerce hosting will run you more since you require a dedicated IP address and you need a little more power. I love Shopify for E-Commerce  and the fees you pay to use that platform include your hosting costs.

SSL Security Certificate

You want people to be safe while shopping on your site. An SSL certificate should start at $200/year.

Stock Photography

About $25/photo. I prefer to have a one-month subscription when I start your project so there is more flexibility in the choices we can collectively make. A subscription runs about $300 for a month. Shutterstock is one of our favorites.

Custom photography is always better though.

Custom Application Development

When you need something custom created for your website that a purchased product/application doesn’t provide, I turn to my development team. Fees for custom application development range from $5,000 and up.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

All of my websites are naturally search engine friendly and you’ll have the ability to manage and modify your keywords, meta titles & descriptions. Fees start at $500/month and go up from there.

Online Marketing & Google AdWords

Building a website doesn’t mean your customers will see it. It’s important to market your website the same way you market all aspects of your business. Otherwise, your customers may still not realize you’re out there. Fees range from $500/month and up.


You know your business best. No, I can’t supply or write your content for you. Luckily, I work with some kick-ass copywriters that can clearly communicate the services you offer. Fees start at $1,700 for a 10 page website.

Ongoing Support & Maintenance

I offer a retainer agreement so you can pay me a flat, monthly rate to handle all your plugin updates, upgrades and site improvements.

Still have questions? A conversation doesn’t cost you anything. Fill out my contact form or give me a call at 902-209-6414