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Luxurious fibre for your wool-being.

Ever wish you could quit your job and move to an island? Well, that’s just what these folks did. Jennifer and Kim moved from Ontario to PEI and started a farm that (ethically) raises sheep and other livestock. Their mill produces a semi-worsted yarn where the fibres are orderly, but not TOO orderly.

Fleece & Harmony worked with a visual identity partner in Montreal (Tuxedo) to develop their brand & marketing collateral. We translated their vision into an e-commerce website using Shopify.


Website development & e-commerce

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Small Batch Fibre

Their yarns are hand dyed using only Greener ShadesTM dye which is a non-hazardous, non-chrome, low impact, heavy metal-free acid dye. They provide superior light and wash fastness without relying on metal compounds to achieve bright and beautiful colors.

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Shopify e-Commerce

They wanted a simple solution to manage their online store. Shopify was the perfect solution. The website has a minimalist look-and-feel which allows the texture and colours of the yarn to really stand out.

“Where can I begin with what Pam has done for us!? We had a very bad experience with a previous developer and were desperate (and very nervous) to try to find someone we could trust. After a few chats we felt very comfortable with Pam. A website is a big investment, Pam made it a joy and a journey of personal discovery. We looked forward to every update and she made our brand, which is very close to our hearts, come to life!”

Jennifer Taran - Fleece & Harmony

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