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Luxurious fibre for your wool-being.

Ever wish you could quit your job, leave everything behind and move to a deserted island to drink tropical beverages every day? Well, that’s just what these folks did. Except the island is P.E.I in Eastern Canada, their new best friends are sheep and their lack of sleep from all the early mornings running a farm requires a ton of caffeine.

Fleece & Harmony worked with a visual identity partner in Montreal (Tuxedo) to develop their brand & marketing collateral. We translated their vision into an e-commerce website using Shopify.


Website development & e-commerce

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Fleece & Harmony Website

Small Batch Fibre

We started conversations with Fleece & Harmony about a year before we started the project. Their vision for their online journey was crystal clear.

Fleece & Harmony Product Page

Shopify e-Commerce

They wanted a simple solution to manage their online store. Shopify was the perfect solution. The website has a minimalist look-and-feel which allows the texture and colours of the yarn to really stand out.

Our Clients Say the Nicest Things

Where can I begin with what Pam has done for us!? Our agency created a visual brand with a level of customization and sophistication that was way beyond our budget (or so we thought…). We had also had a very bad experience with a previous developer and were desperate (and very nervous) to try to find someone we could trust. After a few chats we felt very comfortable with Pam. A website is a big investment, Pam made it a joy and a journey of personal discovery. We looked forward to every update and she made our brand, which is very close to our hearts, come to life! Simple Perfection.

Jennifer Taran - Fleece & Harmony

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