Little Cord Art

Shopify e-Commerce for custom & contemporary art with a twist.

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Little Cord Art

Your work of art is born.

We first worked with Stephanie & Keith about 8 years ago to create their original e-commerce website. This time around we moved the site over to Shopify and gave them an updated look & feel.

The idea for Little Cord Art was born when founders Keith and Stephanie were expecting their first child in 2009. A routine ultrasound revealed that the umbilical cord had two blood vessels rather than the typical three—a condition called single umbilical artery that occurs in roughly 10% of pregnancies. Because Keith is a medical doctor with fellowship training in pathology, he was keen to look at the histology (microscopic study of tissue) of the cord after their healthy baby’s arrival.

This unique concept allows Little Cord Art to create beautiful, unique & contemporary art. The visual identity & brand was completed by A Girl Named Fred. Website creative & development was done in-house.


Little Cord Art

We worked with DOT simple to build the website for our business, which was brand new at the time. They were instrumental in helping me create an effective and visually appealing design, flow, and user experience, and we are thrilled with the outcome. They are talented developers and have great design instincts. Best of all, they are very responsive and easy to work with. We give them two thumbs up!

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