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Our tried & true web design process.

There are over 75 million websites that use WordPress as a content management system (CMS). That’s about 60% of all the websites in the global market. We are huge advocates for WordPress because it is widely supported, stable, and scalable.

When we work with you, we develop smart customizations that make it simple for you to precisely add your content. Also, there are thousands of no or low-cost plugins available that extend the functionality of WordPress without the need for expensive custom application development. It just works.


Our method is simple and straightforward. We start by learning about you, your organization and your audience. The more we know, the better we understand what needs to be done.

User Experience Strategy

It’s our goal to create a website that performs the way you need so you can focus on what really matters, your business. The way the site will look is completely informed by how it will function.


A good design directs your audience, inspires their behaviour, and is a solid representation of your brand. We typically present you with one overall concept that demonstrates several page layouts.


If you didn’t think we were a little nerdy before, you’re about to. Using the designs presented, we custom craft your website using markup that is semantic, accessible, and responsive.

Content & Quality Assurance

At this point we're simultaneously migrating content and squashing any pesky bugs we find. Once it's all polished, we're ready to publish the website.


Don't worry - we won't throw you overboard. We teach you how to add new pages, change your content, update your plugins and feel comfortable overall.

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